About Us

Château De’Kush was born from a deep-rooted mission to bridge vibrant traditions, healing, and unity. As a premier USA, female minority-led sanctuary, we produce Liberta, our signature alcohol-free wine that embodies freedom and the spirit of resilience. 

Infused with exotic African landrace cannabis from our expansive (over 12,000-acre) family farms in South Africa, every sip connects you to the legacy of Africa's great Kingdom of Kush, the Queens of Nubia, and the tribes of Khoisan and Zulu. We honor our ancestry by investing in today's communities: promoting women's education, offering free meals, and championing children's futures. 

With our blends crafted meticulously from premium Napa Valley grapes and Africa's time-honored medicinal plants, we embrace the Ubuntu Philosophy: "I am because we are." By choosing Château De’Kush, you don't just savor exquisite wine; you join a movement of freedom fighters, champions of wellness, and torchbearers of community empowerment. Together, we craft a brighter tomorrow, one bottle at a time."