Dr. Regina Hurley

Dr. Regina Hurley, a distinguished U.S. trained physician, stands out with her impressive credentials as an American Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, Fellowship American Pediatric Anesthesiologist, and American State Licensed Medical Cannabis Physician. Additionally, as a South African HPCSA Registered Specialist Anesthesiologist, she bridges two worlds as a U.S. citizen and a naturalized South African. Holding a pivotal position on the board of Medi-Clinic, her expertise is paramount to the core of Château De’Kush. Dr. Hurley ensures rigorous R&D compliance, safeguarding the legacy and authenticity of our brand. Alongside co-chair Dr. Jamaloodeen, she commands the direction of our African Family farms with an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that our heritage is both honored and innovatively evolved for the future. Her leadership embodies the fusion of tradition and forward- thinking that Château De’Kush represents.

Dr. Ahmed Jamaloodeen

Dr. Ahmed Jamaloodeen, affectionately known as Dr. J, is not only a U.S. trained physician and HPCSA registered doctor but also a proud beacon of our brand's rich South African roots. Hailing from South Africa and as a proud member of the venerable Khoisan community, his dual roles as a legally permitted cannabis farmer and the National Treasurer of the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa offer Château De’Kush unparalleled authenticity and expertise. Together with co-chair Dr. Regina Hurley, Dr. J steers the course of our African Family farms, ensuring that our legacy is deeply interwoven with honor to our ancestral lineage, commitment to holistic health, and unwavering dedication to Africa's vibrant heritage.

Lungiswa Mangaliso

Lungiswa Mangaliso, serving as the interim CEO for Château De’Kush, masterfully bridges both tradition and innovation, as well as the past and future. Hailing from South Africa, the very heartland of our exotic African cannabis, she carries a deep understanding of our rich heritage, honoring our tribal ancestors. Yet, with an astute vision, she seamlessly integrates this reverence for history with cutting-edge innovation, ensuring Château De’Kush remains at the forefront of the alcohol-free, African cannabis-infused wine niche.

Crista Velarde

Crista Velarde, our Engagement Strategy Director & International Brand Ambassador with a focus on the Mexican Markets, is a vibrant embodiment of Château De’Kush's commitment to celebrating diverse heritages. Hailing from Mexico, her rich indigenous roots harmoniously resonate with our cherished African ancestry, creating a unique synergy that enriches our brand narrative. In her pivotal role, Crista masterfully orchestrates initiatives that deeply connect with our audience, tapping into shared legacies of tradition and resilience. Her visionary leadership, complemented by her intimate understanding of indigenous cultures, ensures that our brand remains a beacon of unity, inspiration, and heritage across continents.

Kristin Malia

Kristin Malia, our Chief Marketing Officer from the USA, is a beacon of diversity and innovation at Château De’Kush. Formerly a luminary in E! Entertainment Television’s E! News and "Celebrity Homes," she's engaged with Hollywood's finest, from Tom Cruise to Beyoncé and endless others. Beyond the limelight, Kristin seamlessly transitioned as an influential on-air and online personality, championing brands she resonates with. Kristin combines her entertainment prowess and performance-driven marketing expertise to navigate the intricate landscape of branding. At Château De’Kush, her deep appreciation for our brand's heritage and her stellar marketing prowess unites, seamlessly blending age-old traditions with contemporary brilliance forming a harmonious synergy that continually elevates our brand, Her leadership promises a brand resonance that is both authentic and far-reaching.

Eden Coriann Bright

Eden Coriann Bright, our Vice President of Product Development, seamlessly marries our brand's rich heritage with the cutting-edge of wine innovation. With an innate ability to discern the pulse of the market, Eden meticulously crafts products that encapsulate the essence of Château De’Kush. Hailing from a diverse background, Eden's profound respect for our traditions, coupled with forward- thinking approach, ensures that every product not only honors our roots but also sets new industry standards, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of exotic African cannabis-infused wines.

Susan Boskey

Susan Boskey, our Executive Director of Holistic Cannabis Integration, is a vanguard in the nexus of tradition and wellness. With a sterling 45-year tenure in health and holistic practices, Susan is a certified graduate of the Holistic Cannabis Academy and stands as a paragon in her domain. Her expertise in cannabis-centric wellness is pivotal to Château De’Kush, ensuring that our brand remains deeply anchored in our ancestral traditions while pushing the envelope in holistic health. Guided by her visionary leadership, Château De’Kush resonates as a brand that transcends mere indulgence, embodying a legacy of wellness, healing, and the celebration of Africa's rich heritage.

Dawn Tiger Furdiga

Dawn Tiger Furdiga, as our VP of Strategic Partnerships, masterfully navigates the confluence of tradition and innovation that defines Château De’Kush. Hailing from a rich tapestry of diverse experiences, she forges alliances that amplify our brand's mission and vision on a global scale. Drawing from the brand's core values of heritage, resilience, and unity, Dawn meticulously crafts partnerships that resonate with our deep-rooted commitment to authenticity and community. Her strategic acumen and unwavering dedication ensure that each collaboration not only aligns with our brand ethos but also fosters mutual growth, further propelling Château De’Kush into a future where tradition and modernity coalesce seamlessly.