Our Story of Giving Back
A Symphony of Freedom & Compassion


Indulge in Tranquility at 
Dewee Spa

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience pure relaxation at Dewee Spa. Our serene atmosphere and expert therapist will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Welcome to Château De’Kush

Château De’Kush is rooted deeply in the heart of Mother Africa. We are proud to be the top USA certified producers of Liberta cannabis-infused, alcohol-free wines.  In every bottle of Liberta, there is more than just a unique blend of California Napa Valley grapes and exotic African Cannabis; there is a symphony of freedom, compassion, and unity.  

Every bottle sold helps support women, children & vulnerable communities.  Liberta is made exclusively with exotic African landrace cannabis from our vast 12,000-acre family farms in South Africa.  We are Fair Trade and Halal certified, Kosher, and only tested in accredited labs.

Welcome to Château De’Kush

At Château De Kush, every Liberta bottle embodies our mantra: "ADD GOOD, DO GOOD, FEEL GOOD." Savor our blends with a nod to the Ubuntu Philosophy: "I am because we are." Our African Family Farm provides free meals, promoting women's education, and supporting children. We are committed to reinvesting 5% of our profits into vulnerable communities. With each purchase, you join a journey of wellness and community upliftment, helping shape a brighter future, one bottle at a time.

The AFRICali Experience

Our journey is deeply rooted in the AfriCalifornia connection, a harmonious blend of Napa  Valley's esteemed viticulture and the untamed heart of Africa’s cannabis. Liberta is bottled in Napa Valley,  CA, USA. As you indulge in the unique blend of Liberta, know that you’re not just experiencing a product;  you’re part of a movement, a family.  The AFRICali  Experience is an embodiment of The Motherland Africa, rising from the ashes of true pain to  discover genuine healing.

Together, we make a difference

Your support is not just a commercial transaction; it’s a ripple of change, a chance to make a  difference, and save lives – one life, one place, one world at a time. The team behind Chateau De  Kush is driven by a passion for humanity and empathetic compassion, creating opportunities for all.  Our diverse team is committed to crafting our organic products to ensure the utmost quality, from seed to table.  Every purchase of our products is a meaningful two-way exchange – a link between your personal healing transformation and the positive impact on the lives and places you help transform.

Compassion Fuels Action

Our 12,000-acre, African Family Farm, the largest cannabis farm globally, powered by the opportunities gifted through cannabis, is the beating heart of our compassionate actions. Our farms provide free prepared meals and medicines to thousands in need, empower women through education, awareness, literacy, and training, and sponsor social programs that unite families and support the needs of children. We make compassion our passion, driven by a commitment to uplift and unite communities.